SONG OF THE DAY: Cahill – Sunshine

Summery dance pop with the perfect name. The trio of Anton Powers, Scott Rosser, and Tim Condran, better known as Cahill, are having such a great summer with incredible remixes of Clean Bandit, Ellie Goulding, Ferreck Dawn & Redondo, and Charli XCX that it makes sense that they would channel that energy into an original production. Following the nu-House vibe, they’ve covered the 1999 soulful track “Sunshine” by Black Science Orchestra and Alison David with a beach-friendly, sexy house production that is light and airy while full of soul. The horns and strings interplay so wonderfully that we can almost forgive them for the long wait since their brilliant anthem “Feel the Love.” While they clearly focus on their record label 3Beat and an insane remix schedule, imagine how wonderful a Cahill album of original productions would sound. They have a knack for reworking lost classics like Oris Jay’s “Trippin,” Apollonia 6 “Sex Shooter,” and of course “Sunshine,” that letting them go crate digging and exploring could yield even more masterpieces. Making this a free download is truly a generous gift as well.

Image Courtesy of 3Beat.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY?FUNDAY): Circuit 21 – “Love in the Shadows”

Back in the ’80s, E.G. Daily enjoyed much dance club success with a string of anthems, including “Mind Over Matter,” “Say It Say It,” and “Some People.”? Her darkly passionate “Love in the Shadows,” co-written by synth pop god Harold Faltemeyer, remains a Hi-NRG club stable, having been remixed in 2001 and even covered in French by Celine Dion as “Delivre-Moi.”? With such a distinct voice, it’s hard to imagine anyone capturing the emotion of the song as Daily did, yet Circuit 21 bravely steps up to the plate.? Possessing a powerful yet sensitive masculine voice with a dynamic range, Circuit 21 (aka Robert Brown) flips the gender and gives the song a whole new meaning.? If his voice sounds familiar, you probably remember him as the lead singer of the all-man boy band Bearforce 1 from a few years ago.? In the deft hands of remixer Cahill, “Love in the Shadows” is ready to conquer Hi-NRG dance clubs once again.

Images courtesy of Division Music.

SONG OF THE DAY: Cahill & Kimberley Locke – “Feel the Love”

verse and chorus sung by a truly talented singer. In the mold of “When Love Takes Over” by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland and “Love’s Got a Hold On Me” by Frenchie Davis,? “Feel the Love” is an emotional and uplifting dance record with a pop feel and enough edge to command attention on a commercial dance floor.? The song is full of energy without resorting to aggressive electro or cliched old school NRG (not that there is anything wrong with either extreme). Cahill’s production is near perfection, not a surprise considering their consistent track record as remixers, with a real depth of transitions as the song progresses.? Kimberley Locke is an amazing vocalist, as anyone who has seen her perform live can attest to, and in the hands of Cahill she expresses both power and beauty with a truly multilayered performance.? It doesn’t hurt that the song is fully-realized and well-written with a universal message.? Just as Cahill tends to work on multiple singles by artists (Agnes, Cascada, Nicole Scherzinger), let’s hope this is just the first of many collaborations by these two gifted entities.

Image Courtesy of 3 Beat.