SONG OF THE DAY: Sky Ferreira – “Red Lips”

Taking a page from Shirley Manson is never a bad thing, and singing something written by her is certainly a significant experience. ?”Red Lips” is Ferreira’s nod towards moving her music from electropop into more of a “Blondie” type direction, although she still sounds pretty electropop to me. ?And the video is a defining moment as well, the incredibly thin Sky rubbing some seriously red lipstick all over her face while a tarantula takes the measurements of her body. ?The imagery is stark and alarming, serving as a message that this pop starlet isn’t going to be what you think she’ll be. ?Hang on because her upcoming debut album, currently titled I’m Not Alright, just might make a pretty big splash.

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SONG OF THE DAY: Gina Star – “Bliss”

The theme this summer seems to be crossing genre lines. Label A&R rep turned DJ/producer Gina Starr has constructed “Bliss,” a deliciously uplifting house track with a bit of electro peppered in, and with a signature keyboard hook that floats throughout. Of particular interest is the use of atmospheric grooves that effortlessly transition into a noisy, and somewhat glitchy, build-up to a climactic cacophony of pounding synths. Basically the kind of track that punters will ask for by humming a keyboard line and DJs in the know will be able to recognize. Since her previous Beatport hits “Want It Now” and “This is Hollywood” were built around vocal samples, it’s interesting that “Bliss” is purely instrumental and makes us wonder if it’s a setup for a massive vocal topline that will be coming in the near future. Well, DJs like Tiesto and Fedde le Grand aren’t waiting, so everybody should take a listen and bang this one now in your big room sets.

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SONG OF THE DAY: Milan & Phoenix – “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”

As an EDM journalist, half of the time my job is to play trainspotter and spot the sample. So when I got the new track by MIlan & Phoenix “Istanbul (Not Constantinople),” I thought- what an odd choice it was to cover They Might Be Giants. Doing a little bit of research I discover the song was originally recorded by The Four Lads in 1953 as a swing record and has been covered many times over the years by everyone from Bette Midler to PJ Harvery to, of course, the beloved They Might Be Giants. The new take by Milan & Phoenix updates the track in the EDM style of swing, similar to the Yolanda Be Cool & DCup “We No Speak Americano” (which was also based on a 50s record). The track is energetic, fun, and feels perfect for summertime poolside parties. While distinctively novel in flavor, I could easily seeing this being picked up by a lot of people for their iTunes/Spotify playlists and maybe even making it onto the radio as a fun summer record.

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