SONG OF THE DAY: Elton versus Pnau – “Good Morning to the Night”

Well this is kind of epic. ?Granted, Elton John was fully on board and endorsing this mixed interpretation of some of his works, ranging from lyrics from “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” and “Tonight”, as well as instrumentation from both “Gulliver” and “Funeral for a Friend”. ?Together with beats from Pnau, the whole thing sounds like a dreamy romp through some alternate dimension where everything is soft and fun. ?”Good Morning to the Night” is but the first of 8 tracks from an album of Pnau-re-imagined?Elton John tracks. ?More information can be found at? for a dancier version of the track, head on over to the Elton Versus Pnau soundcloud for Cahill’s thumping re-rub.

Cahill Edit -?Soundcloud

INTERVIEW: Vato Gonzalez (ADE 2011)

The Dirty Dutch movement has conquered the world and up next, watch out for the Dirty House scene. Coming from the pirate underground, Vato Gonzalez mashes elements of hip-hop, dancehall, baile funk, and house to create an energetic, prime time pumping sound. While his mix tapes have been downloaded over half a million times, his debut single “Badman Riddim” made top ten on the UK pop chart. Could US domination be next?

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INTERVIEW: Underworld’s Karl Hyde (2003)

Dance artists rarely make it past one album, much less to a greatest hits album. Underworld is not a typical dance artist and Anthology 1992-2002 is not a greatest hits album, but rather a collection of songs that document ten years of music from white labels to major soundtracks by one of the most important electronic music artists. Karl Hyde spoke to us about the progression of Underworld through their unique live shows and creative visions that keep us all jumping on the dancefloor. Continue reading INTERVIEW: Underworld’s Karl Hyde (2003)