VIDEO PREMIERE: Sariah – Aware, Alive, Awake

The Queen of Hearts is back. Her last single “Only One Wish” was at the top of our holiday playlist and her new song “Aware Alive Awake” is just as effervescent. Starting off with a bit of robotic trap, the swing beat of the track is energetic and a great backing for the empowering lyrics. Ending a bad relationship and moving towards freedom might be a common topic for song lyrics, but the uplifting tone really sets this one apart. The meme-ready title Aware Alive Awake makes a great hashtag as well. Sariah sounds great as well, but after listening to her live clips on YouTube, that comes as a no surprise. For clubland, JRob’s dub and Casey Alva’s tribal mix are both good, but it is really Dave Aude’s mix that will be the main focus. Like he did with Selena Gomez “Come & Get It,” Dave transforms the difficult beat into a prime-time dancefloor filler for the commercial rooms.