SONGS OF THE DAY (SUNDAY?FUNDAY):? Korr-A – “Deck the Halls” and Sariah – “Only One Wish”

The holiday season is all about celebrating with the ones you love – be it friends or family.? The only problem is that the traditional music gets tiresome year after year (just ask anyone working in retail). Leave it to some of our favorite dance pop artists to reinterpret and create dance floor friendly holiday songs we can all enjoy.? “Fiyacraka” vixen Korr-A updates the classic “Deck the Halls” using just a few lines and building a whole new song around it with talk-sung verses and a pretty anthemic chorus over a pumping electro beat. It feels very Kesha-esque, but in a good way – with the playful double entendres (“Let me see your deck”) and feisty back and forth.? The video shows the aftermath of the party of all parities and Korr-A brings it back to life.? The Queen of Hearts, aka Sariah, released her Holiday Heart EP featuring the new original song “Only One Wish.”? It’s one of those songs that on first listen feels so familiar that you instantly want to sing along with.? Singing about her wish to be with a lost loved one, it’s both somber and uplifting at the same time.? With many interpretations possible, the song is universal and the dance-pop production is top notch making it a perfect fit for any top 40 radio station for the holiday season.? If you are looking to update your holiday playlists, “Deck the Halls” and “Only One Wish” are both worthy additions.