SONG OF THE DAY: Stonebridge, Luv Gunz, & Koko Laroo – You Can Have It All

Classy house. With this rebirth of classic house music, the new generation of producers can easily be sorted between two groups – the ones regurgitating older sounds and the ones who are creating new music inspired by classic vibes. Though there are also the legendary producers like Todd Terry and Stonebridge who are unleashing music which is true to their roots yet modern and inspired for 2014. “You Can Have It All” is a modern take on classic house. Inspired by the vocalist from Cole Plante’s “Lie To Me,” Koko Laroo, the original Stonebridge mix is sexy, vibey house with elements of electro and progressive fused to give it a modern flavor. Singer Koko Laroo sounds great and continues to show that her voice and songwriting are perfect for any genre or style of dance music (check out “Lie to Me” and her track with Richard Dinsdale, “Stars in the Sky”). The Luv Gunz take it a little more progressive and pretty, with a stronger focus on the vocals. Static Revenger serves up a classic ball anthem with an Alcatraz-flavor sharpened with modern fills that make it sound fresh. Please note, this is NOT a cover of the Eve Gallagher/Boy George classic.

Image courtesy of Stoney Boy records.