SONG OF THE DAY: Crookers ft Dilligas – Picture This

By: DJ Ricky Sixx

Probably best know for his international smash remix of Kid Cudi ?Day and Night,? Francesco ?Phra? Barbaglia, a/k/a Crookers, continues the journey of the single “Able to Maximize” sonically and visually. The sound is energetic bouncy electro, but not so aggressive that it is raging. The random vocal bits make it stand out by transforming the track into a soundtrack of sorts. Actually, it is a soundtrack for the trippy video which is done in the same style as the WTF master piece “Able to Maximize.” It’s neither surreal nor violent but rather a combination of the two with images coming in and out of focus for a twisted storyline. It also teaches the important lesson that eating pizza makes your beard grow into a monster that attacks you. Picture that? Yeah, it makes perfect sense. Watch out for the forthcoming Sixteen Chapels album which features collaborations with Jeremih, TJR, and Zombie Nation, as well as the aptly-titled “Ghetto Guettta.”

Image courtesy of Ciao records.