SONG OF THE DAY: Matt Cerf and Ost & Meyer ft Fenja – Like We Love

In the midst of all these songs about sunshine (Western Disco “The Sun,” The Magician “Sunlight”), here comes a song about saying goodbye to sunshine.? “Like We Love” is a song about the end of the summer sung by Fenja (who should sound familiar from the recent Andy Moor & Lange track “Top of the World,” or from her records under the name of Jaren). The track is a hybrid of three sounds – the deep/progressive sound that is starting to go pop (like the previously mentioned Sunlight), the stadium house sound (a hint, but not too much to dominate), and the reemerging Hi-NRG trance/pop sound of the late ’90s.? All of the elements work together for a melodic, pretty, and chilled out song great for an end of night mellowing or a Sunday afternoon tea dance.??Club-friendly remixes are forthcoming, with Avenue One amping the progressive trance sound while Joshi slows it down further and goes for a deep house vibe.

Image courtesy of Enhanced Recordings.