SONG OF THE DAY: 2Symmetry – Loophole / Nordkapp

Listening to 2Symmetry tracks, I am reminded of a photoshoot from America’s Next Top Model where they tried to capture the edgy concept of “ugly pretty,” or as it’s more commonly known, ‘jolie-laide.’ The music of Croatian duo Jakov Domitrek and Tino Grzunov doesn’t exactly capture that, but more a darkly pretty blend of familiar trance sounds with bits of dark progressive elements that are alternatingly soothing and piercing. If we are going to reach back to the ’90s (like everyone else is doing), “Loophole” is the modern fusion of 808 State and an instrumental track from an indie band on 4AD. In all its beauty and familiarity, there is a dark horn noise that pops up by surprise that throws it off and, more importantly, makes it stand out from everything out there. “Nordkapp” goes a bit more mellow, not completely soundscape/soundtracky, but more of a listening experience with the darker element more in the forefront. Finding this rising duo is another sign of one of Paul Oakenfold’s greatest strengths – strong ears to A&R new talent. Go back and take a listen to 2Symmetry’s mix of Paul’s own take of “Barber’s Adagio for Strings,” and you will see/hear exactly what I mean.

Image Courtesy of Perfecto Black.