SONG OF THE DAY: W&W & Headhunterz – “Shocker”

What do you get when you cross electro and hardstyle? Maybe Showtek on crack? That’s a pretty good description for “Shocker,” the forthcoming track from Dutch electro duo W&W and hardstyle maven Headhunterz. Just as Showtek transitioned from hardstyle to electro under the tutelage of Ti?sto, it looks like Headhunterz is doing the same. “Shocker” is banging, hard, aggressive, noisy, and pretty much the definition of a raging track. Aside from the vocal sample “Come and Get My Love,” the track is almost inhuman with its intensity and modernization of rave-techno. Even at a time when a lot of these electro tracks are starting to sound the same, “Shocker” stands out with its pure aggression.

Image courtesy of Mainstage Records.