SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAYFUNDAY): Boy George – Feel the Vibration (Remixes)

Yes, I’ve been on a bit of a Boy George kick lately. A few weeks ago, I wrote up “My God,” and imagine my pleasant surprise to come across this fun set of remixes of another song, “Feel the Vibration,” from his recent album ‘This is What I Do.’ The original version of the song is a bit hard to describe, with elements of Northern soul, Blue Lines-era Massive Attack, reggae toasting, and backing vocals from a ’70s Disney World theme park ride coming together as a hypnotic, funky track for George’s soulful vocals. Roland Faber and Hoxton Whores speed up the tempo on their respective mixes and reassemble the diverse elements for modern takes on bassline-driven house. The Smudgge remix goes a different direction, slowing it down and getting funky for a dubbed-out take reminiscent of The Shamen’s psychedelic ‘Axis Mutatis’ album. As I prepare for my set opening for Boy George next weekend in Louisville, I invite y’all to download the remixes for free from his Soundcloud here:

Image Courtesy of Boy George.