With it being Sunday, I was feeling a bit spiritual- and while looking through my playlists for something meaningful and emotionally uplifting, I came across “My God.” The youngsters of today might just know Boy George as the DJ who sang “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” that they hear on retro nights, which is actually quite sad. George is a legendary soul singer who changed the way the world saw gender, fashion, and music. Thirty years into his career, it’s a testament to his talent and vision that he can create a song as touching and meaningful as “My God.” While not a dance record based on current 128 BPM house standard (that obviously wasn’t the point), there’s a groove that you can definitely swing to and it’s the lyrics which are the focus. Protesting the use of religion as a weapon, he makes his point on a personal and global level. While it may not convince a zealot to refrain from violence, the song expresses a viewpoint which is often shunned in our brainwashed political consciousness. That he chose the singalong, back-country gospel soul production just highlights how fitting the song is for everyone. Although this would make me him cringe, at least based on his comments in the recent Details interview, I could imagine “My God” as a production with Avicii that brings in the country vibe. While I would never expect to hear this in one of his DJ sets, I could just imagine his creative mind figuring out a way to work it in an unpredictable way. It would also be a wonderful song for ending a late night Saturday set before heading directly to Church.

Image courtesy of Cometmarket.

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