SONG OF THE DAY: Hard Rock Sofa & Skidka – Arms Around Me

Chatting with BBC Radio DJ Danny Howard, I asked him where he thought the EDM sound would be going next. One thing he mentioned was more hybrids of different genres, citing “Arms Around Me” by Hard Rock Sofa ft Skidka. Listening to the track by the Russian production duo, it’s easy to see why. Mixing disco funk beats and samples over big room festival electro, it sounds completely fresh yet familiar – like two great flavors coming together for a new sensation. (How did I just devolve into a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial?) The track is packed with energy that will hype any club set and has enough of a singalong hook that could cross it over to mainstream radio as well. I have a feeling that we will be hearing this track quite often while down here in Miami.

Image Courtesy of Axtone Music.