SONG OF THE DAY: Korr-A – Fuck Me Like You Mean It

It’s so rare that a dance song captures the true essence of love in such a poetic and emotional way. What could be more romantic than beckoning a suitor to ravage you with purpose? Teaming up with producer Kizzo, the fiyacraka known as Korr-A draws the listener in with soft singing over pretty keyboards and progressive stadium house. The track quickly builds to the aggressive chorus over hard, banging (no pun intended) electro beats with a ’90s techno influence. I first heard the song while performing with her in Chicago and instantly liked the song for the lyrical message. Listening to the final production, what is impressive is how many layers of effects (like the staccato phrase repeats) and complexity flow so well. Even the different tones of voice that Korr-A sings with mesh perfectly. This truly is a brilliant pop song and the clean version substituting the word “touch” for “fuck” could bring this song all the way to pop radio. Club mixes by JoeySuki and Reid Stefan toughen the track up for big rooms while keeping the vocals as a strong focus. At the moment, the video is a lyric video, but after her strong videos for “Fiyacraka” and “Deck the Halls,” I have a feeling that there will be a pretty incredible music video dropping for this song really soon.

Image courtesy of Nabrok.

Korr-A – Fuck Me Like You Mean It