SONG OF THE DAY: Luka Sambe – “Chombo”

Feeling horny?  Here’s one of those tracks that grab your attention the first time on first listen.  Aussie producer/DJ Luka Sambe gives us the horns that are so rarely heard on a big room (except when one of the many remixes/bootlegs of “Pigbag” get released every few years). It’s a mix of trumpet lines and foreign language chatter randomly (yet expertly) placed over a hybrid tribal and electro track.  The track is just so quirky and fresh because it sounds like nothing else out there right now.  DJs looking to change the pace on their floor should drop this as a surprise just to watch people’s reactions.    The recently released video is a blatant attempt to become an internet meme – a flamboyant asian man dancing in a way that must be seen to believe.  Its similar to the humor of the recent “#Pantsdown” video, except the star is dressed in yellow tights and pink athletic shorts.

Image Courtesy of Exclusive Recordings.