SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Nad Mika – “DiskoRomance”

Last night, I came back from the club and happened up on some old Saturday Night Live episode where Mike Myers was playing German talkshow host Dieter frolicking in a Sprockets club scene. That got me thinking of Nad Mika’s ‘Electronic Beat Bitch’ album, which I enjoyed while searching for something new from the German pop-punk-electro-trash dance diva. Her latest single “Diskoromance” is a bit more polished but retains the DIY-agressive edge and frivolity of her previous epic opus. She probably heard Lady Gaga’s ‘Fame’ album and thought she could do it better herself. With a backbeat of ’90s Front 242/Nitzer Ebb industrial-edged EBM (electronic body music), she talk-sings in English, French, and German wonderful lines like “I dance and we dance and you dance, disco romance.” Stated so simply, what more could you want from a dance song? Adventurous DJs should check out the remixes by Dualesque and BiTbear. There’s no need to analyze it any further, it’s Sunday Funday – so go out and find yourself some Disco Romance.

Image Courtesy of Madame Visage Records.