SONG OF THE DAY: Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash ft John Martin – “Reload”

With Swedish House Mafia disbanding after their massively successful odyssey as a trio, it kind of makes you wonder what the single heir apparent to their global hit “Don’t You Worry Child” will be. ?First out of gate is “Reload” from Sebastian Ingrosso.? Teaming up with Australian Tommy Trash,? they enlisted the help of DYWC vocalist John Martin to add a topline over their Beatport chart topping “Reload.” As an instrumental, “Reload” was a summer festival favorite with its dynamic mood changes and emotional dropout.? It could easily be lumped in with the countless progressive/electro/stadium house tracks out there, yet something about the chord structures make it stand out.? John Martin’s lyrics and vocal performance elevate the track to a universal song about the uplifting nature of love and music, yet some of the lyrics (“Sending you far away,” “don’t have to be afraid”)? make you wonder if it’s also meant as consolation to Sebastian about the breakup.

Image Courtesy of Astralwerks.