SONG OF THE DAY: DJs from Mars – “Rock’N’Roll”?

I’ve got a lot of love for the DJs from Mars.? The Italian prankster boxhead Producer/DJ duo bring fun and humor to the world of EDM, which often takes itself far too seriously.? Remember “Phat Ass Drop,” their insanely viral instruction clip on how to make “that” big track that sounds like what everyone else is making?? Can you guess what “Rock’N’Roll” sounds like?? Yes, they went there – first with the attitude of the intro where they list what they don’t play, and then as the track builds in intensity, the guitar solo takes the focus as they seamless merge rock and electronic music with an aggressive, energetic sound.? With their fondness and expertise for mashups, it’s not a surprise they are able to bring the two genres together so well.? Together with last year’s track by Sharkjumpers & Shreddward and the Skrillex vs Doors “Breaking a Sweat,” the rock-and-dance fusion could be the next big thing.? Since everything ’90s is coming back, that would be the cue for a new generation to enjoy the Prodigy experience.??

Image Courtesy of Dance and Love.