SONG OF THE DAY: Jin Jin – “Fire Me Up”

Following up the playful and insanely catchy pop ditty “Whistle at Me,” the colorfully exuberant Jin Jin returns with “Fire Me Up.” Aimed directly at the clubs, the track is a modern mash of two beloved ’90s styles – two-step garage and speed garage, with a taste of electro to make it fresh for 2013.? Imagine Wynter Gordon as produced by Artful Dodger for a frame of reference The results are energetic and playful, yet tough enough to go off massively in a big room. The delightfully low budget video is quite sharp, and makes a great introduction to Jin Jin as she and her friends have an impromptu party at a random loft. It’s the kind of house party worthy of an escape.? While your clicking around, be sure to check out her unique take of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.”

Image Courtesy of Live On.