SONG OF THE DAY: Sharkjumper vs Shreddward – EP

In the EDM world, where sampling is called production and DJs just push buttons, when something truly fresh and unique appears, people will take notice. Blood-loving Sharkjumper (at least from the picture) has teamed with guitarist Shreddward to mash electro and metal and create dancefloor-ready jams that will pump up the energy and make dancers bang their head as they jump up and down. Imagine the bastard offspring of Skrillex, The Prodigy, and Megadeth for a frame of reference. “Hair” is a somewhat straightforward dance-rock track, that is if you are used to heavy guitar, pounding beats, driving electro synths, a melodic bridge, and for once- a dubstep breakdown that isn’t cliched. As a track, “Hair’ is front-of-bin material, and the addition of a male vocalist would take it over the top. Adding rapper DJ Godfather to the mix, Sharkjumper & Shreddward show LMFAO how party rocking is really done with “Playa Haters.” The ragga toasting is the perfect counterpoint to the bouncing beats, piercing guitar work, and straightforward electro sounds. EDM purists may scoff at mashing up Kraftwerk classics, but when they hear this take on “Numbers/Computer World” they will get it. Almost a modern short-attention span take of the artist-loved concept album, the four defined sections develop from stadium chant to electrobeat to downtempo (almost ambient) pads to the climactic fusion of all three. With these three tracks, Sharkjumper and Shreddward have clearly defined a new subgenre – melding rock and electro ina way that will bring new fans to the EDM world. Not since The Prodigy has there been dance music that will sound as great performed live in a stadium as it does when played in a nightclub. Download these tracks immediately…

Image Courtesy of Sharkjumper.