SONG OF THE DAY: Jessica Sutta – “Lights Out”

When singers work with dance producers, there is often a conflict regarding the amount of lyrics in a song.? The singer wants to be the one telling the story, whereas the producer wants the beats and tracks to be the focus.? “Lights Out” stands out as a club track with pop lyrics where the shared focus elevates both elements.? As a member of the Pussycat Dolls, Jessica Sutta is no stranger to the pop world and her forays into clubland with Paul van Dyk, Dave Aude and as a solo artist (“Show Me” / “Again”) have been quite well-received. The track, by Waste Management, varies in styles seemingly inspired by Bingo Players, Zedd, and deadmau5, with enough rhythmic and mood changes to satisfy anyone afflicted with ADD (and yes, that’s a compliment). What others would consider a chorus is simply a bridge for Jessica as she goes for the money shot with the hands-in-the-air chorus.? Whether the song is written to a lover, to a DJ, or simply to a party is unknown but the plethora of hooks (‘oh oh oh’ chants, ‘put my hands higher and higher’ refrain) make it one of the stronger vocal dance records out right now.

Image Courtesy of Citrusonic Stereophonic.