SONG OF THE DAY: Jessica Sutta ft Kemal Golden – “Again”

Dubbed the Pin-Up doll of the Pussycat Dolls, fiery redhead Jessica Sutta has always had big love for clubland.? Back in 2007, she teamed up with Dave Aude (“Make It Last”) and Paul van Dyk (“White Lies”) to much acclaim, so it was no surprise when her first solo club single “Show Me” topped the club chart last year.? With “Again,” she delves into deeper subject matter, the consequences of bad decisions mitigated by the possibility of salvation at the end.? Dance music with a message and lyrics she co-wrote- what a concept…? The original production by Kemal Golden, who has worked with DJ Vice and Dave Aude, balances pop with progressive creating an epic dancefloor filler with catchy hooks that are primed for crossover.? The airy synth line in the breakdowns are as pretty as the lyrics are dark, making the contrast even more defined.?? As a refreshing change, the first set of remixes are by up-and-coming artists, rather than the regular gang of big names who seem to be on every record.? The mixes are variations of electro going in distinctly different directions – tribal with unique vocal manipulation (DJ Theresa), progressive (IDeal & J-Break), and stadium (Nikno). ?Without a doubt, “Again” has one of the most creative lyric videos – combining performance and scenes with the lyric on the screen – I guess you would call it a hybrid of a traditional concept/performance video and standard lyric videos.? Jessica’s dancing and performance is quite emotional, which elevates the clip to a higher level as well.

Image Courtesy of Citrusonic.