SONG OF THE DAY: Bart B More – “The Napoleon Saga”

Who knew that KITT was French? Bart B More is back on Skrillex’s label OWSLA with “The Napoleon Saga,” two inspired electro tracks. “Napoleon” is a full-frontal dancefloor assault with aggressive electro, stuttered/syncopated loops, sick buildups, a touch of big room house, and a melody line incredibly similar to the Knight Rider theme (you know, the one Panjabi MC used for “Mandian Te Bach Te”). This new interpretation is insanely powerful to the point of being emotional jarring. “Napoleon” is memorable and aggressive, and perhaps that the reason for the title. “Saga” uses some of the same elements of Napoleon but is structured more like a track for an artist to write a topline to, rather than a full-on club jam. Close your eyes and it could be the next single from Rye Rye. Big room DJs should jump on “Napoleon” immediately (wow, that sounds inappropriate), as it will be an instant floor-response track.

Image Courtesy of Owsla.