SONG OF THE DAY: Harry Romero, Armand Pena, Alex Alicea and Crystal Waters – “Blow”

Sometimes too many cooks can make the broth better. The new club track “Blow,” on Subliminal, is one of those tracks where different influences come together to elevate it to a higher level. Seemingly coming from three different backgrounds, the three producers- Harry Romero (big room tribal/electro), Armand Pena (commercial tribal), and Alex Alicea (indie/progressive) construct an electro/tribal hybrid track with pounding energy, big build-ups, and catchy hooks that act as a bed for Crystal Waters’ party-hyping lyrics. While I am not sure if the reference to Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” is intentional, the eternal life of clubland is like that fire that always burns. The song is all about having a good time and being ready when its the party is about to “Blow” up. You can just imagine this track being played in a big room with the countdown leading to a massive explosion or pyrotechnics. Commercial DJs should reach for the Keylow remix, which has a rhythm line that is quite similar to David Guetta’s “Sexy Bitch.” The video captures the nightlife of Lincoln Road on South Beach with several scenes filmed in the Mova Lounge. As someone who’s had the honor of spinning at Mova with Crystal Waters performing, I can attest that its a hot spot that definitely explodes with a party vibe.

Image Courtesy of Subliminal.