SONG OF THE DAY: Inpetto – “Girls and Boys”

And the ’90s revival continues. Brit rock band Blur was no stranger to clubland with remixes by Pet Shop Boys and Carl Cox being commissioned.  A few years back, it seemed like every time you blinked your eye there was another bootleg of “Song #2.”  German trance/progressive house duo Inpetto is no stranger to commercial hooks (they are 2/3 of the group Fragma, who created “Toca’s Miracle”), so using the catchy singalong chorus of Blur’s “Girls and Boys” was a no-brainer.   Repeated over an energetic stadium house track, the few lines become a new song ready to dominate dance floors all over again. Many kudos to the Duderstadt brothers for their humorous take on the original artwork.  It takes guts (and a good sense of humor) to rock a long blonde wig and a full beard.

Image Courtesy of Spinnin/Doorn.