SONG OF THE DAY: Lange – “Our Brief Time in the Sun”?

Looking forward is sometimes looking back… British producer Lange is known for creating magnificently beautiful trance records.? On first listen to “Our Brief Time in the Sun,” the emotional chords in the dropdown transport me back to the first time I heard “Follow Me” or “You Take My Breath Away,” or his mix of “Heaven Will Come” by Space Brothers ?The keyboard line is so stark that it seems to have an innocence and purity that seems to be lost in a lot of recent big room tracks.? More importantly, it doesn’t sound like the stadium house-by-numbers track that others seem to be pumping out in regular intervals. “Our Brief Time in the Sun” is one of those rare tracks that sounds classic and modern at the same time.? On its own, the trancey instrumental is memorable and makes a connection, and you are going to feel something whether you experience it on your mp3 player, or even better in a big room with hundreds of your closest friends (or fellow clubbers). One thing to consider, like the previously mentioned classics, an old school angelic topline might elevate this one to the stratosphere, making the “brief time in the sun” last all summer long.

Image Courtesy of Lange Recordings.