SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Gala – “Lose Yourself in Me”

With mind and senses pure, I can honestly say that I was a big fan of europop in the ’90s, and Gala was one of my favorites.? “Freed From Desire,” “Let a Boy Cry,” and “Come Into My Life” – in their original versions and the remixes by Da Loops and Motiv8 were mainstays of my radio and club sets for quite a while.? Imagine my sheer delight when I recently stumbled upon “Lose Yourself in Me,” released last June on her own label Matriarchy.? The song has all of the elements of classic Gala – that unique, tough-but-sweet voice, intelligent lyrics written above the level of most dance pop, and a catchy repeated chorus hook.? The sound is definitely current, yet there’s an influence of the melancholy t.A.T.u sound that adds a duality of emotion to the sound.? For club play, remixes are a mixed bag (literally) with a contrasting Veldt/Gangnam style mash (JoeySuki), the old school Hi-NRG hands-in-the-air girl twirl (Clap), and the electrohouse/stadium fusion (Hakimaki). ?I could only imagine how great the vibe on the set of the Tron-style video was, as you see the oft-somber Italian girl smiling and having a lot of fun.? Isn’t that the kind of energy you want from a europop song??? While credible DJs may turn up their noses at such an obvious pop record, lyrics like “Find Yourself in Me, I’ll Set You Free” make it a perfect song to start a set with.???

Image Courtesy of Matriarch Records.