SONG OF THE DAY: TS7 ft Taylor Fowlis – “Heartlight”

Sometimes looking forward is looking back. Part of the appeal of classic house music was the underground and raw, unpolished feel that was captured in the original productions of the genre. Close your eyes when you are listening to “Heartlight,” and it could easily be a lost David Morales or Junior Vasquez track. Coming from the underground UK garage scene, producer TS7 stays true to his roots and adds just a touch of pop polish. Taylor’s voice is perfectly sweet, barely-processed so that it evokes the emotion of a freestyle singer – raw and real, with minimal effects for background depth. Put together, there is a beauty in the simplicity, if not the magic, of a classic house anthem. If Back to Basics is looking for a theme song for a true house night, “Heartlight” would fit the bill perfectly.

Image Courtesy of 3Beat Music.