When I first heard “Lies” by BXXX, I instantly referenced Fake Blood’s “All In the Blink” for the ’70s influence.  Rather than being influenced by ’70s pop like The Alan Parsons Project or Toto, “Lies” sound more like a track from a concept album by a ’70s progressive rock band.  This makes sense as BXXX (pronounced Bronx) score films about nightlife.  Starting with a radio DJ intro dedicating the song to lonely girls, the track feels like a cross between the recent Burns single “Lies” and the mellower tracks of deadmau5, with a touch of Madeon.  At just over two minutes, not much commitment is needed and the male vocals extolling the virtues of never sleeping float as a laconic counterpoint the prog rock-influenced, lounge-y electronic grooves.  The NSFW video feels like a modern take of Girls Gone Wild except with hipster/club kid party girls instead of spring breakers. BXXX will be quite an interesting project to watch as it develops.

Image Courtesy of Dim Mak.

SONG OF THE DAY:  Fake Blood – “All In the Blink”

Sometimes a song is just too good to be pigeonholed as ‘just club music.’  Let’s face it, so much of dance music is just of the moment and forgettable enough that its shelf life is less than 6 months.  So when a song like “All in the Blink” comes along, it really deserves notice.  Fake Blood, also known as Theo Keating – who was part of The Wiseguys (“Start the Commotion” & “Ooh la La”) knows how to create catchy songs with a hook and a good big beat.  With “All In the Blink,” he channels ’70s pop a la The Alan Parsons Project and Toto via a Hot Chip filter.  This results is an incessantly upbeat song that sounds retro but is completely current with electropop production.  On first listen, I thought it was a cover because it just sounds so familiar.  On first play in my mixshow, I got eMails and texts asking what the song was.  With his leftfield vibe, I can only imagine how sick the remixes are going to be.  The video shares the same kitschy feel as his video for “I Think I Like It,” switching the focus from sparring TV shopping salespeople to unearthed ectenic energy (supernatural) scientific experiment videos. The campy clip completely fits the retro feel of the song.

Image Courtesy of Different/PIAS Music.