SONG OF THE DAY: Carlos Gallardo & Peyton – “Desert Rose”

with Sting’s blue-eyed soulful voice. Spanish producer Carlos Gallardo enlists the massive vocal talents of Peyton for this classy and modern update. Blending electro and tribal beats, the track is big room friendly -you can totally imagine clubbers singing along to the “yele yele” chants. Peyton sounds amazing, as always, which comes as no surprise as he embraces the feel of Sting’s original performance and enhances with his gospel-like emotional execution. The video, filmed in a desert, is definitely inspired by the original, though I wonder where they found a power source to plug Carlos’ DJ gear into. It makes you wonder, just like if a tree falling in the forest makes a sound, does a DJ spinning in the desert get bottle service?

Image Courtesy of Blanco Y Negro.