SONG OF THE DAY: Andreas Rodlund & Matt Hewie ft Roland Richards – Monismania?

In case those 2014 remixes of Zookey (Lift Your Leg Up) left you a little cold, here’s a better song featuring ragga singer/toaster Roland Richards.? When we last heard from the Swedish producers Andreas Rodlund and Matt Hewie, they were working with the powerfully and ethereally-voiced Jonny Rose on “Ultimatum” and “All We Have.”? Keeping a similar EDM production style, pretty progressive verses/drops with a banging big room electro chorus, they switch it up with the reggae singer who sings and toasts over the different sections of the song.? The results is quite fresh and different and unlike anything else out there right now.? The only confusing thing is the song title, meaning “world of money” and coming most likely from a Swedish children’s story about the evils of overtaxation.? How this relates to the “peace and love” vibe in the lyrics, I am not quite sure.

Image courtesy of Uniform Beat.