SONG OF THE DAY: Sultan + Ned Shepard ft Zella Day And Sam Martin – “All These Roads”

It really is all about the journey. The evolution of the DJ/Producer continues as live instrumentation is being brought into EDM. Sultan & Ned Shepard follow up their recent singles “Ordinary People” and “Somebody to Love” with the genre-redefining “All These Roads.” Elements of country, blues and jazz merge together as the song feels like a musical fusion rather than a dj making beats for a singer to write a top line on. Imagine Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” with the uplifting folky feel of The Lumineers “Ho Hey” for a point of reference. This is one of those rare club tracks that will sound as good performed by a live band (with these two incredible vocalists) as it does being played by DJs at a big festival. We may not know where “All These Roads” will lead, but the journey is worth taking if Sultan & Ned are leading the way.

Image Courtesy of Parametric.