SONG OF THE DAY: Sultan + Ned Shepard ft Max’C – “Ordinary People”

Just as I was posting the song of the day yesterday, Sultan and Ned Shepard’s collaboration with Thomas Sagstad, I saw the link for “Ordinary People” on their twitter feed. Starting with a kicking, big room electro beat, the track instantly grabs your attention. It’s aggressive and energetic- but not overbearing. The vocal hook “living our life” starts to come in as a loop, and then when the title “Ordinary People” is heard, the track transforms gradually into a prettier house track. Max C’s resonant gospel vocals are uplifting as he sings the populist message about ignoring delusions of grandeur and just following our own paths. The middle breakdown almost creates a new subgenre – gospel stadium house. Even as the beats drop out, the energy is kept going by not only the vocals but flowing synth pads that elevate the track and lead to the explosive and climactic buildup. DJs looking for a big room track featuring male vocals and a great message, you’ve found your prime time showcase with “Ordinary People.”

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.