SONG OF THE DAY: Yolanda Be Cool ft SYF and Fritz Helder? – “All That She Wants”

You never quite know what to expect when Austalian trio Yolanda Be Cool drops a track.? After exploding onto the scene with the massive “We No Speak Americano” with D-Cup and a few similar-styled swing-house jams, they started exploring harder sounds, nuHouse, and progressive on the followup releases (“Change,” “Sweat Naked,” and “Before?Midnight”). For their cover of the Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants,” they’ve moved to downtempo chill house, but with a harder, almost metallic reggae vibe.?? Imagine a collaboration of early Nine Inch Nails with Le Youth, and yes, it’s as strange as it sounds but works so perfectly for the dark vibe of the lyrics.? The vibe was no doubt influenced by Starving Yet Full (SYF) and Fritz Helder, two members of the Canadian electro group Azari and III.? If you listen to their tracks like “Hungry for the Power” and “Indigo,” you can totally see the roots of the sound.? DJs will probably reach for the more uptempo Go Freek and Wordlife remixes, but those who enjoy leftfield sounds will go straight to the Plastic Plates and Human Life remixes. The darkly psychedelic and gorgeously haunting video fits the narcotic vibe of the track perfectly.

Image Courtesy of Dim Mak.

Yolanda Be Cool ft SYF and Fritz Helder – “All That She Wants”

ADE 2012: Day 2 (Quick Summary)

Panel – ‘Meet the Australians’ – Amsterdam Dance Event brings together industry professionals from around the world and this panel was a great off the cuff? discussion about the EDM scene down under.? A thriving economy and nightlife scene has led to the growth of both festivals and club nights whereas the two often cannibalize each other.?? Just like in the US, different cities have different scenes – psytrance, techno and dub step are all strong in different markets along with the big room commercial sound.? The importance of Australian artists breaking in their home market as well as the international market was discussed by the artists on the panels – producer / djs / reality tv show stars Stafford Brothers and underground producers turned pop star Yolanda Be Cool shared their stories.

Hot discussion topic – Throughout the day, I overheard many talking about who the top DJs on the DJ Mag list would be.? There are quite a few different theories: the winner is from a different country, the top 5 stays the same,? there will be some big surprises in the top 10.? All eyes (and ears) will be on the Convention Factory tomorrow.

Speaking of the DJ Mag list, I interviewed one of last year’s top new entries Hardwell and UK production/remix duo Bimbo Jones.? Watch for both to pop up here really soon.

Frankie Knuckles
Frankie Knuckles


While in the press room, I experienced one of those surreal moments when I just couldn’t believe what happened.? I bumped into three of my all time favorite DJs – the legends of the Def Mix posse – David Morales, Frankie Knuckles and Hector Romero.? I watched them do interview after interview and it amazes me how they are all so professional – fresh faced, enthusiastic and in good spirits while coming up with fresh answers and witty stories for each one.? It made me wonder which of the current batch of superstar DJ/producers will have achieve such long and vital careers.


Sultan and Ned Shepard
Sultan and Ned Shepard

The evening events for me were all about celebrating with friends.? One of my first panels I was ever on was at Winter Music Conference in 2001 where sitting next to me was Lainie Copicotto, then of ClubPlanet.? I was instantly drawn to her extensive knowledge, vibrant wit, boundless energy and creativity.? She harnessed those traits and launched Aurelia Entertainment in 2002 which has blossomed into a management/promotional force to be reckoned with.? The dinner at BIHP celebrating the first 10 years of success brought together people from all over the industry.? We shared stories and enjoyed the celebratory night.?? A bit of jet lag (and a touch of overindulgence) shortened my stay at the Mint Pig management party afterwards and forced me to call it an early night.