SONG OF THE DAY: Yolanda Be Cool ft SYF and Fritz Helder? – “All That She Wants”

You never quite know what to expect when Austalian trio Yolanda Be Cool drops a track.? After exploding onto the scene with the massive “We No Speak Americano” with D-Cup and a few similar-styled swing-house jams, they started exploring harder sounds, nuHouse, and progressive on the followup releases (“Change,” “Sweat Naked,” and “Before?Midnight”). For their cover of the Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants,” they’ve moved to downtempo chill house, but with a harder, almost metallic reggae vibe.?? Imagine a collaboration of early Nine Inch Nails with Le Youth, and yes, it’s as strange as it sounds but works so perfectly for the dark vibe of the lyrics.? The vibe was no doubt influenced by Starving Yet Full (SYF) and Fritz Helder, two members of the Canadian electro group Azari and III.? If you listen to their tracks like “Hungry for the Power” and “Indigo,” you can totally see the roots of the sound.? DJs will probably reach for the more uptempo Go Freek and Wordlife remixes, but those who enjoy leftfield sounds will go straight to the Plastic Plates and Human Life remixes. The darkly psychedelic and gorgeously haunting video fits the narcotic vibe of the track perfectly.

Image Courtesy of Dim Mak.

Yolanda Be Cool ft SYF and Fritz Helder – “All That She Wants”