SONG OF THE DAY: Bellatrax ft Sophia May – “Falling For You”

British producer Chris Dececio (aka Bellatrax) teams up with singer Sophia May for the pop/dance confection “Falling For You.” The song feels like a mash-up, since there are two styles merged – the breezy, summery keyboard hooks reminiscent of their earlier collaboration “I Can’t Help Myself,” and the harder, big room electro sound similar to Bellatrax’s recent “Keep You” track with Luke Derrick. On first listen it seems slightly discordant, yet somehow it becomes more in sync and makes better sense on repeated listens. This is definitely one of those tracks that you might not get while listening to it by scanning through – you kind of have to let it gel by playing it all the way through before it hits you. DJs will easily find a mix that suits their style, be it electro (CulinR), modern tribal (Alistair Albrecht), or nuHouse (Trav & Volta).

Image Courtesy of Tazmania.

Bellatrax ft Sophia May – “Falling For You”