INTERVIEW: Tom Fall (2013)

Darude is easily the best known DJ/producer from Finland.? Along with the rising talents of Super8 & Tab, Maison & Dragen, and Orkidea comes the engaging Tom Fall. His tracks like “iRok,” “Untouchable,” and “All This Time” showcase a variety of sounds that build on his massive debut “Cubic.”? Embracing the different elements of EDM, his unique sets are always quite memorable for the way he mixes his own productions with his reworks of other people’s tracks. Watch out for his forthcoming artist album.? I look forward to chatting with him again, not only for his vibrant personality but his amazing accent.

RS:? So you are from Finland, what is the Finish dance scene like?
Tom Fall:? It is growing rapidly, especially now that more and more Finnish artists are breaking through internationally.

RS:? Your first demo got picked up and exploded; did you have any idea that it would become as big as it did?
Tom Fall:? ?Cubic? was absolutely amazing, it was the first demo that I ever sent out and it was amazing how well it did, I was blown away.
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INTERVIEW: Ashley Wallbridge (2013)

At the Armada party, Ashley Wallbridge?s tag team set with Tom Fall was one of the clear highlights of the Amsterdam Dance Event 2012. ?? Topping the Beatport Trance Chart with “DUI,” his recent single with Gareth Emery, is just another achievement for the rising British DJ/Producer who tours around the world as he creates amazing tracks that span the many EDM genres.? Unwilling to be tied down to a single style, tracks like “Faces,” “Mansion,” and “Zorro” give a hint at his breadth of talent.

RS: So the DJ Mag list was released tonight.? Last year you were 132 on the list, where are you this year?
Ashley Wallbridge: 118

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INTERVIEW: Sied van Riel (2013)

In addition to having just about the coolest last name, Sied Van Riel is very much a character – creating big room trance with a melodic edge. ? His recently released track “Carved By Your Hands” is a great example of how he blends trance and progressive to mold his own sound.? As busy in the studio as he is on the road, I spoke with Sied back stage at the Armada showcase during the Amsterdam Dance Event.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: So tonight you are on Armada and doing a versus set with someone, who are you playing against?
Sied van Riel: Tonight, I am playing with Max Graham.

RS: Have you two played together before?
Sied van Riel: Not in a back-to-back, but we have played on the same event so I am really curious and kind of excited.

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