INTERVIEW: Sied van Riel (2013)

In addition to having just about the coolest last name, Sied Van Riel is very much a character – creating big room trance with a melodic edge. ? His recently released track “Carved By Your Hands” is a great example of how he blends trance and progressive to mold his own sound.? As busy in the studio as he is on the road, I spoke with Sied back stage at the Armada showcase during the Amsterdam Dance Event.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: So tonight you are on Armada and doing a versus set with someone, who are you playing against?
Sied van Riel: Tonight, I am playing with Max Graham.

RS: Have you two played together before?
Sied van Riel: Not in a back-to-back, but we have played on the same event so I am really curious and kind of excited.

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