SONG OF THE DAY: Example – Take Me As I Am

Dance music is normally a singles genre rather than an albums genre. The big DJ/producers are always banging out the big tracks, but aside from artists like Disclosure, Robyn, Afrojack, etc. – the artist album is usually not a focus. One artist who bucks that trend is Example. His just released album ‘Live Life Living” has already spawned three massive singles (“All the Wrong Places,” “Kids Again,” and “One More Day”), and the new one “Take Me As I Am” is even stronger. Starting off with a simple string backing, Example sings in a quite self-deprecating fashion and admits his flaws. The intensity gradually builds until it goes full-on stadium techno – massive-sounding big- and break-beats with massive energy. The vocals alternate between him singing and rapping the lyrics. The dynamic changes make this one of the most interactive and energetic tracks of recent memory. Since this year seems to be all about channeling the ’90s, the inspiration source “Take Me As I Am” is clearly The Prodigy, with elements of “Jericho” and “Firestarter” sprinkled throughout the track. Those of in the US will have to wait until next month for the release, and hopefully a tour of the States will be planned as well since Example is known for his energetic live shows.

Image Courtesy of Sony.