SONG OF THE DAY: Steve Forest & Nicola Fasano – “Apocalypse”

DJ/Producers often get boxed into one sound.? Italian producers/Jolly Rogers label heads Steve Forest and Nicola Fasano have become known for their festive sound of modern tribal beats and energetic electro fused into club-rocking party anthems. Collaborations with Pitbull (their track “75 Brasil Street” became the infamous “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)”) and Kat Deluna launched them onto international dance floors.? A recent track with Crystal Waters, “Love I Call My Own,” signaled a transition to a darker, more progressive vibe.? As a full-on dark electro progressive stomper, their new track “Apocalypse” continues this direction.? Starting off with an eerily dark keyboard, it sounds more like a deadmau5 composition than something you would expect from the Italian party boys. The crescendo heading into intense rave-like electro is unexpected and introduces the effected-robot voice which seems to be repeating “Wait.” The track has a cold feeling, like really dark techno, yet is energetic enough that when programmed in the right set would be deeply effective on a big room floor. It’s always great to see musicians explore new directions so it will be interesting to what this new darker vibe of Forest and Fasano develops into.

Image Courtesy of Jolly Roger.