SONG OF THE DAY: Made To Move – Perfect Lady

A lot of sample-based records are being released right now – tracks that use just a line or two of vocals from an older record and add them to a new – or what is often more accurately – a nu-house track.? There seems to be three categories – direct samples/revocals of a few lines (Second City, Arches, Duke Dumont), complete manipulation so it’s almost unrecognizable (Le Youth), and the use of a hook to build a new song around (Inna “Be My Lover”/ DJ Antoine “Light it Up”). “Perfect Lady” by Made to Move falls somewhere between the first two categories.? Using lines from Mary J Blige’s “Family Affair,” the lines are scrambled and reassembled so they aren’t instantly recognizable, yet you will pick up on it if you focus.? The original is a bassline-led nod to ’90s-era Guerrilla/Tribal deep house with a bit of haze and sleaze in the mix.? Ben Mono effects the vocals to change the gender and pumps up the mix with some bounce and acid.? Joseph Lupo, Simeo Belle, and Skrutinize all go a bit deeper on their respective mixes, creating soundtracks for a late night lounge that wants their house a bit chilled. If perchance you are looking for a full vocal remix of Mary J Blige’s “Family Affair,” dig up her 2002 remix album for the Spanish Fly remix or look around online for the infamous Sharp Boys remix or the exquisite Murk Boys white label.

Image Courtesy of Phonetic.