SONG OF THE DAY: Sharkoffs – “Shark Attack”

Aggressive and pounding electro is definitely en vogue right now, but with so much being created it takes a lot to stand out. Enter 19 year-old Sharkoff who has managed to create a track that will make an impact. While the beginning is typical pounding electro with a slight rock feel, the first build-up leads to an eerie silence. Then that sound comes in, quite similar to the shark attack theme from Jaws, starting quietly and building in volume and intensity until it (either the beat or the shark) is right behind you. The full-on track comes back with increased intensity and more glitch in the frenetic breaks. The second break is a bit more prolonged, but with an even bigger payoff at the end. DJs, don’t be afraid to unleash this track on your dance floor. A shark attack is bad for swimmers at the beach but “Shark Attack” will pump the energy on the dance floor. By the way, does anyone notice a shark trend in EDM? Sharkoffs? Sharkjumper?

Image Courtesy of Ruling Media.