INTERVIEW: NiRe AllDai (2012)

Sometimes you hear a song and it just catches your attention.  “Inside Out” was like that for me. I’d heard it on a sampler and quickly became obsessed with it.  Singer NiRe AllDai (pronounced NI RAY) is new on the scene as an artist, yet she has written songs that have been recorded by Demi Lovato, Starshell, and other pop stars.  With a unique style, catchy lyrics, and an energetic performance style that will grab your attention, NiRe is definitely one to watch.

Ron Slomowicz: You have such a beautiful name, what does it mean?
NiRe AllDai: It means “the one with wings.”

RS: Wow, so you can make us fly with your voice?
NiRe AllDai: Yes, that is a nice way to put it.

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SONG OF THE DAY: NiRe AllDai – “Hella Bad”

The first time I heard NiRe Alldai’s debut single “Inside Out,” I was struck by her unique voice – soft and soothing, yet raspy with a subtle power. The vocal hooks were quite strong, and with the club kids-going-Mad Max-themed video, it seemed like a surefire hit. Whereas “Inside Out” was a bit downbeat in tone, her new single “Hella Bad” is much more in your face and aggressive. The track seems like a cross between Swedish House Mafia and ’90s euro (the good stuff, like Culture Beat’s lost classic ‘Metamorphosis’ album, and not the cheesy formulaic kind). Nire’s vocals are more aggressive and punchy, yet still have her unique soft timbre in place. The song will hopefully find its place on commercial radio with its message of female empowerment, demanding respect from a lazy lover. If the song doesn’t hit you immediately, give it a few more listens. You will eventually realize that “Hella Bad” is actually hella good.

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