SONG OF THE DAY: Helen Corry – Time

Looking down under, we’ve found a new singer worth following. “Like a Lie” was our first introduction to New Zealand-born, Australian-based singer Helen Corry- who collaborated with Jetski Safari on that playfully ironic yet meaningful song. Her soulful emotive voice is both deep and youthful at the same time; imagine a cross between Joss Stone and Miriam Bryant for the contrast. Her new single “Time” goes a different direction – similar to her debut single “Divide” – melding modern indie rock and classic synth-pop for a fresh sound that highlights her engaging vocal presence. It’s a bit subtle at first, but if you listen to it a few times, the chorus is going to ingrain itself into your head and you will find yourself singing along to the “we’re running out of time” line as it repeats. As this song starts to grow, there is probably going to be a lot of comparisons to fellow Kiwi singer Lorde because of similar tonal vocal qualities and the darkly analytical perspective of her lyrics, but they are clearly two distinct artists who both deserve a spot in your digital music player. Watch out for Helen’s forth coming collaborations with Music Allstars, Feenixpawl, and an uplifting pop dance song with Jetski Safari/Jupiter Project (“With You”).

Image Courtesy of Independent Records.