SONG OF THE DAY: Jetski Safari ft Helen Corry – “Like A Lie”

Written by: Ben Norman

The greatest thing about music that references modern trends is the variety of ways the lyrics – and the impact – can be.? In 1999 Destiny’s Child released their hit “Bug-A-Boo” which mentioned pagers, AOL, and MCI, proving that technology trends we rely on for daily things can go away as quickly as, well, Destiny’s Child.? Meanwhile, in “Like A Lie,” Jetski Safari and, more specifically, Helen Corry put today’s popular technology trends under the microscope for a tongue-in-cheek view of dependence on things such as Twitter and hashtags, Facebook, and statuses.? She eats at home to save money to spend it on looking good for her pictures (probably selfies).? These things, coupled with the need to be seen, yield a protagonist who follows what her apps tell her to do and, when faced with the task of having a conversation with an actual person, what she says sounds fake.? “A quick update on Twitter trends”, she sings, “I don’t know what this means but let’s pretend!”? Layer this internal struggle with becoming irrelevant over a twinkling dance track and you’ve got a rather poignant piece that, ironically, won’t ever get properly discovered without the use of the technologies it scrutinizes.? So, because you’re told, love this track and share it through Twitter and Facebook.

Image courtesy of Sweat It Out.

Jetski Safari ft Helen Corry – “Like A Lie”