INTERVIEW: Tritonal (2012)

American trance superstars – it has a nice ring, doesn’t it. Tritonal, the duo of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed, are from Austin, Texas, and have risen quickly in the trance scene.? Early support from big names like Armin van Buuren, Above and Beyond, Ferry Corsten, and Markus Schulz helped propel them in the scene.? Their debut album ‘Piercing the Quiet,’ released in 2011, featured eight top 20 Beatport singles (five of which topped the Trance chart). ?A double-disc set of remixes, ‘Piercing the Quiet: Remixed,’ was released in September with rerubs by Beat Service, Super 8 & Tab, Seven Lions, Maor Levi, and others, as well as remixes by the duo themselves.? Listening to their tracks, it’s easy to see why they’ve developed such a massive legion of fans, who call themselves ‘Tritonians.’
Ron Slomowicz:? Were you guys DJs or producers first?
Chad Cisneros (Tritonal): Obviously producers, still to this day we consider ourselves producers who DJ.

RS: How did the two of you meet each other?
Dave Reed (Tritonal): An online dating service… Just kidding, we met online through forums discussing sound design techniques.

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SONG OF THE DAY: Markus Schulz ft Seri – “Love Rain Down”

Listening to new Markus Schulz’ new album, it’s quite hard to choose a favorite track. There are so many strong vocal trance songs out there that it’s almost a dice roll. One of my favorites is “Love Rain Down,” which features vocalist Seri. The masterful balance between energy and subtlety – big room trance hooks softened by sections of calm – make the track itself strong enough for any club set. Seri’s plaintive yet pretty vocals are expressive and simply float in the air elevating the track to a higher level. Lovers of europop will dig this track as much as the tranceheads. The video feels more like a film short – something you would see in the theater, a sign that EDM artists are really elevating their visuals in a major way. If you haven’t checked out Scream yet, “Love Rain Down” give you another good reason to.

Read our recent interview with Markus Schhulz.

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INTERVIEW: Markus Schulz (2012)

German producer/DJ Markus Schulz recently released ‘Scream,’ an incredible artist album which masterfully blends energetic production with top-flight vocals and anthemic trance.? One of the hardest working DJs in the business, with a highly successful record label Coldharbour, his weekly radio show Global DJ, and an insane touring schedule, he is loved by his fans and consistently ranked in the top 10 of DJ Polls.? When you listen to ‘Scream,’ you will definitely hear why?

DJ Ron Slomowicz: What is the inspiration for this new album with so many vocals on it?
Markus Schulz: If you really study it, the last album had 14 tracks on it and 9 were vocals and 5 were instrumentals. I work with a lot of vocalists, but I usually make 20 tracks and choose the best 13-14 and release those. On this album we made 23 tracks and decided to release all of them, because nowadays physical CDs are not that important and on iTunes you can put as many tracks as you want. We only have 12 vocals and 11 instrumentals on this one, there are actually more instrumentals, but it is a better balance. The quantity of the vocals is higher, but at the same time, quantities of the tracks are higher. It is a little bit misleading but at the same time I think that people realize this is a Markus Schulz album and not a Dakota album. At the beginning of my last album Do You Dream, people were also talking about how there were a lot of vocals on it.

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