INTERVIEW: Markus Schulz – Scream Tour (2013)

‘Think differently’ was the slogan for Apple back in the late ’90s, and it seem like Markus Schulz has embraced it as his personal mantra.? When we last spoke to the German DJ/Producer, he had just released the incredible ‘Scream’ album.? To support the album, he loaded up a bus with Khomha and the M-Machine and toured the US. At his stop in Nashville, I caught up with him and asked him about his new project with Ferry Corsten (New World Punx), the idea behind the Schulz Music Group, and more.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: I eMailed my readers for questions to ask you; and the question which kept coming back was what city in Germany were you born in?
Markus Schulz: I was born in Eschwege, which is a little village by Kassel in between Frankfurt and Gottingen.

RS: The big news since the album release is the New World Punx, why are you and Ferry Corsten joining up like this?
Markus: Well it all started one day at a barbeque in Ibiza, we were just hanging out chatting and vibing and we both thought ?god, why haven?t we ever worked together in the studio.? We got in the studio just to have fun and work together and we ended up have such great chemistry, we were dancing around, high-fiving, and it just evolved from there. We started doing back-to-back sets and had such good chemistry that the promoters wanted to book us back-to-back. We decided to come up with a brand name for it so that people understood that New World Punx was different than just Ferry and Markus. Ferry and I are both at a stage in our careers that we just want to have fun right now, we have both done so much and sometimes the politics of the scene can get to you and we just want to have some fun with the project.

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SONG OF THE DAY: Markus Schulz ft Ana Diaz – “Nothing Without Me”

Another standout track from Marcus Schulz’ incredibly strong release ‘Scream,’ “Nothing Without Me” is a haunting tale of obsessed love gorgeously sung by Ana Diaz.? The track has a progressive-yet-pop feel which is suitably brooding and melodic with a dark beauty which foreshadows the story.? As strong as the song is, the track works just as well as an instrumental with pretty breakdowns crescendoing into powerful, thunderous explosions of energy. The extended mix will work on any mainstream club floor and the Antillas & Dankman, Beat Service, and Coldharbour mixes all go in different directions – electro, big room/stadium, and progressive.? The video translates the song as an obsessed fan moved to mental breakdown as it unwinds.? This is some dark source material, especially considering the video starts with the phrase “based on a true story.”

Image Courtesy of Coldharbour/Armada.

INTERVIEW: Markus Schulz (2012)

German producer/DJ Markus Schulz recently released ‘Scream,’ an incredible artist album which masterfully blends energetic production with top-flight vocals and anthemic trance.? One of the hardest working DJs in the business, with a highly successful record label Coldharbour, his weekly radio show Global DJ, and an insane touring schedule, he is loved by his fans and consistently ranked in the top 10 of DJ Polls.? When you listen to ‘Scream,’ you will definitely hear why?

DJ Ron Slomowicz: What is the inspiration for this new album with so many vocals on it?
Markus Schulz: If you really study it, the last album had 14 tracks on it and 9 were vocals and 5 were instrumentals. I work with a lot of vocalists, but I usually make 20 tracks and choose the best 13-14 and release those. On this album we made 23 tracks and decided to release all of them, because nowadays physical CDs are not that important and on iTunes you can put as many tracks as you want. We only have 12 vocals and 11 instrumentals on this one, there are actually more instrumentals, but it is a better balance. The quantity of the vocals is higher, but at the same time, quantities of the tracks are higher. It is a little bit misleading but at the same time I think that people realize this is a Markus Schulz album and not a Dakota album. At the beginning of my last album Do You Dream, people were also talking about how there were a lot of vocals on it.

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