SONG OF THE DAY: Fathers of Sound ft Majuri – “One Kiss”

With the ’90s house revival, underground classics are popping up again for a new generation to treasure.? The Fathers of Sound mix of Pacha’s “One Kiss” is a true classic, with a full-on deep bass and groove workout for six minutes before the vocals of Debbie French/Majuri come in to heat it up even further.? A longtime Vasquez staple and still being played around the world by DJs in the know, this new mix by Federico Scavo keeps the original vibe firmly intact and adds a sprinkling of modern flavor (and a bit of Federico’s trademark bouncy groove). Also included in the package is the Classic mix by Fulvio Perniola (half of Fathers of Sound with Gianni Bini), which is a long-awaited digital version of the vinyl classic.? While the length is different (the original is?10:19?and the new one is?11:17), even the most devoted house heads would be hard pressed to hear the difference.

Image Courtesy of OceanTrax.