SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Erika Jayne – Painkillr

With six consecutive chart-topping club hits, Erika Jayne is definitely clubland’s favorite pretty mess. It’s been a hot minute since her last collaborations with Dave Aude and Luciana (“Party People” and “One Hot Pleasure”) were released, and though we’ve been teased with “You Make Me Wanna Dance” (with the hot video filmed in the Phillipines) and “Get It Tonight (featuring a rap from Flo Rida), our patience will soon be rewarded with “Painkillr.” Seemingly inspired by aptly named comic book character “Painkiller Jane,” the lyrics about love being her painkiller would be in SciFi talk, the source of her regenerative life force. OK, so I am reaching, but “Painkillr” is a solid pop song with a memorable chorus (and thankfully they dropped the E at the end of the title rather than changing it to a 3). For clubland, a full spate of remixes from tribal to electro to progressive come from Oliver Twizt, Cole Plante, Lynnwood, Mike Cruz, and Victor Dinaire & Bissen. In the next few weeks, we can probably expect a super sharp video as well. How hot would it be for Erika to transform into a superhero for some cosplay?

Image courtesy of Pretty Mess Records.


More proof that there is more than country in music city.? Nashville-based pop duo Gimm & Icky made an explosion on the club chart earlier this year with the infectious “Shake That.”? The ode to female grinding is a combination of sung/rap vocals over a radio-friendly dance groove with a rock feel. Unlike other tracks of this nature that might be considered to be demeaning to woman, “Shake That” is much more celebratory and respectful with a bit of the tongue-in-cheek, snarky sensibility of their other tracks like “Dump Me” and “Serious Face.”? The plethora of remixes by Jump Smokers, Lynnwood, Dirty Freqs, and Papercha$er take the song in many aggressive electro directions while keeping the fun of the original in place.?

Image Courtesy of Hitshop/Warner Bros.