SONG OF THE DAY: Kwanza Jones ft Pollo Del Mar – “Made U Look”

With all these serious trance and progressive superstar DJ/producers, it’s nice to see someone making dance songs simply for the point of having fun.?? Kwanza Jones has been making her presence known in the club world with diva vocal records like “Time To Go” and “Think Again” that have made it on the Billboard Club Chart.? For “Made U Look,” she’s done a record for the club kids- the ones who focus on appearance as a method of artistic expression.? With a campy, playful vibe she sings over a jaunty electro beat colored by the frenetic vibe of Stacey Q’s “Two of Hearts.”? Choosing a drag queen as her featured rapper is brilliant on many levels – challenging the notion of masculinity in the rap world, drag queens focusing on capturing (and keeping attention), humor and camp going hand in hand, etc.? San Francisco-based drag queen Pollo Del Mar serves up an inspired comical flow that manages to reference both the ‘The Facts of Life’ and ‘Exorcist’ (with the brilliant line “turning heads like Linda Blair”). ?The featured rap is so good it makes you wonder how much more fun pop radio would sound if artists would choose to feature Pollo Del Mar (or another drag queen) as a rapper rather than the standard Ludacris, Pitbull, or Lil Jon. She’s like a tranny take on Nicki Minaj when she does her comedy schtick.? Competing with a drag queen in a visual performance is quite a challenge, yet Kwanza holds her own, rocking a multitude of sparkly and fluorescent outfits that reflect both her energy and the fun vibe of this playful song.? Hey drag queens out there, quit doing Beyonce/Nicki Minaj songs for all your performances and try this one out as a game-changer.

Image Courtesy of Innovation Music.